Buckle for material belt

Made as a gift for wearing a material belt as decoration for dance clothing.

Plastic and porcelain photos shown above.


Available to buy on Shapeways in a big selection of materials:



Brain Coral Jewellery Container

Inspired by creating a little home for the nudibranch pendants. Any small type of jewellery can be placed inside this container to keep them together.

I love being underwater in the magical world you find on a rock wall and coral reef. I wanted to recreate this world for items of regular use in my day to day life. It takes me back into that colourful dream world.

Polished Strong and Flexible nylon plastic is great for creating the coral. You can pick different colours too. You can paint them yourself or buy one I painted on Etsy:

(coming soon)



Brain Coral Porcelain Jewellery or Salt/Herb/Spice Container

Since this is printed in food safe porcelain, it can also be used for serving salt, herbs or spices in on the dinner table.

Porcelain is a beautiful way to represent this coral. You can pick different colours too.

This product is similar to the other plastic/metal Brain Coral Jewellery container, it is just a bit bigger and has a slight design change to accommodate porcelain.


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Stylised Sea Star ornament

Inspired by the sea and Christmas ornaments.


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